Nueva corónica y buen gobierno (1615)

Nueva corónica y buen gobierno (1615) by Felipe Guaman Poma de Ayala is a unique example of how words and images may wander across and beyond traditional geographical, cultural, and disciplinary boundaries. His indigenous origins and ties to and knowledge of mitmaq and Inca cultures, together with his education and experience in Spanish colonial Peru enabled Guaman Poma to produce this unique document/monument. The ways in which his visual and verbal rhetorics are informed by Inca mythology and history, Christian homiletics, and a fusion of European and native styles make this text exemplary for the Bilderfahrzeuge project. Whether depicting himself journeying to deliver his manuscript to the King, reimagining the Garden of Eden, or representing an Inca mappamundi, Guaman Poma traces the kind of Wanderstraßen that can and should motivate the future of iconology.

Mappa Mundi of the Indies of Peru

Mappa Mundi of the Indies of Peru, linked from Det Kongelige Bibliotek

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