Congratulations #2: Johannes von Müller, ‘Im Antlitz der menschlichen Kreatur’ in S. Packard (ed.) Comics & Politik/Comics & Politics (Berlin: Ch. A. Bachmann Verlag, 2014), 89-108.

Comics & PolitikFrom antiquarian visions of prehistory to the politics of modern popular culture, it has been a productive summer, and congratulations are due once again, this time to group coordinator Johannes von Müller on the release of his chapter in the edited volume Comics & Politik/Comics and Politics. The volume approaches the comic as record of, respondent to and participant in the political worlds of the modern age. It examines the varied uses of the genre internationally and the place of comic-book art within and at the edges of popular culture. Johannes’ chapter compares the works of the nineteenth-century caricaturist, Honoré Daumier, and the twentieth-century cartoonist Carl Barks.

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